Dr. Michael Sacks – ABS Chairman of Erotic Touch
Head researcher Dr. Michael Sacks earned a B.A. from the University of Phoenix, a master's in psychology from Tulane University, in New Orleans, and a Ph.D. in communications from the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus. He is the author of sixteen academic papers on sexuality, four of which have been published, including "Doin' It Clean: When Is the Appropriate Time to Tell Your Ex-Wife You Have VD?" and "The Advantages and Disadvantages of Puberty: A Schematic Look at the Distinctions Between Child and Adult, in Relation to Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita and John Hughes's Some Kind of Wonderful."

From 1991 to 2001, Sacks worked as vice president of communications at the Fullerton Institute, a think tank in Alexandria, Virginia, that provides MTV and other music-video companies with the latest up-to-date information on urban sexual practices and lingo. In 2001, Sacks published an award-winning children's book called Stuart, about a gentle, carefree African American pimp who wears dress socks and likes to perform magic tricks.
Sacks enjoys horseback riding and listening to NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me while exercising. He lives in Potomac, Maryland, with his wife, Sandra (shopping-advice columnist for the Potomac Alma- nac), and their three children, Zach, Brandon, and Gooch.

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Scott Jacobson, ABS Tenderness Consultant
Scott Jacobson trained as a urology clinician at the University of South Florida. In the 1990s, Jacobson challenged the presiding orthodoxy of the medical establishment with his admission that urologists— Jacobson emphatically included—get aroused by their work.

This wake-up call, issued on the highly popular, currently defunct public-access show Talkin' Tubes with Dr. Scott, transformed Jacobson into a urology outlaw. His bold follow-up editorial ("Gynecologists Like It, Too," Key West Keynoter, April 6, 1997), as well as signed-postings on several Usenet groups devoted to genital harnesses, attracted the attention of the Florida Board of Medicine.

Today, Jacobson is an accredited urological healing professional practicing a personally devised, Eastern-influenced system of massage-based urinary therapy at his clinic in Takoma Park, Maryland. Through stroking, light pinching, "scold slaps," and other forms of noninvasive touch, Jacobson achieves serious results with a minimum of swelling and infection. He lives in Takoma Park with his partner, "straight chiropractor" Linda Frigolette, and their adopted teenage son, Trang.

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Todd Levin, Director of ABS Community Outreach
At birth, Todd Levin was afflicted with pre-pubertal progeria, an extremely rare genetic condition that rapidly accelerates sexual development. By the age of four, Levin possessed the secondary sex characteristics of a twenty-five-year-old man. After spending a child- hood hounded by sensationalist media and scorned by conservative watchdog groups, Levin developed a crippling, mute-like introversion.

On his sixteenth birthday, Levin claimed emancipation from his parents and immigrated to Europe. There, his sexual precocity was celebrated in the cabarets of Paris, where he learned to overcome his shyness through the timeless art of burlesque. Billed as "La Ventriloque Sexuelle," he performed a much talked-about duo de comédie that involved throwing his voice and manipulating the opening of his penis like a small mouth. Au- thor Gore Vidal raved that Levin's "relationship with 'Tati,' a flaccid penis sporting a tiny bowler hat (a coy nod to René Magritte's 'Son of Man'), is akin to the relationship between la grande tristesse of the human condition and the naïveté of hope. And it don't exactly hurt that Levin can work that meatus like a 2,000-baht-an-hour Thai hooker."
Satisfied with his fleeting taste of fame, Levin turned his attention to his studies, eventually earning a Ph.D. in erogenous geography from the University of Delaware, online campus.

Today, Levin divides his time between caring for his pair of scarlet macaws and teaching a survey-level course on sexual hygiene at Montgomery Community College, in Rockville, Maryland. He is also the co-inventor of the Ripped 'n' Ready Virtual Squats Exertainment System, available exclusively at ESPN Zone Europe.

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Jason Roeder, ABS Chief of Global Initiatives
Jason Roeder was raised by Peace Corps volunteers who ran a one-room schoolhouse that frequently collapsed upon the children of a small village in Tanzania. As a result, Roeder was a citizen of the world at an early age, despite being the only one in his peer group who had white skin and hoped that Tom Petty would soon play the savanna.

As Roeder grew into adulthood, things began to change. His parents returned to the United States to realize their dream of opening a mailbox store, while most of his indigenous friends moved on to family life and whittling small tribal figurines designed for the desks of therapists. Suddenly Roeder had seemingly lost his sense of place in the world: Who was he? Where did he belong? He avoided these questions by masturbating furiously, every day, for many months, in the shade of his favorite acacia tree. It was then he realized his calling: "I'm surrounded by poor, malnourished people who have no idea what Kegel exercises can do for their orgasms. I will make this right."
Roeder promptly left for the United States to begin his self-designed program in cross-cultural sexology at the Florida Academy of Intimate Arts, now destroyed. His first book, The Sex Tourist's Guide to the Everglades, was published in 2004 by a small Jacksonville, Florida, press called Rise Up. At the time, he was unaware of Rise Up's emphasis on white-supremacist screeds.

When not on assignment abroad, Roeder lives in Poolesville, Maryland.

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Ted Travelstead, ABS Director of Field Studies Initiative
Jason Roeder was raised by Peace Corps volunteers who ranAn only child of divorce, Ted Travelstead lived a latchkey existence through much of his childhood and adolescence. Many hours spent alone gave him plenty of time to explore every inch of his body with gentle, curious fingers and the detached, cold eye of a research scientist. As a teen he realized that when he was lucky enough to interact sexually with others, they were often amazed at his savant-like ability to locate their erogenous zones with a minimum amount of hints—and then stimulate them with incredible efficiency.

The following years found Travelstead on a sort of sexual walkabout, in a quest to possess as much carnal knowledge as possible. Falsely accused of arson at the age of thirty, he spent three years behind bars, but used this hard time to learn all he could about the sex lives of the incarcerated. He has collected these lessons in his book, Serving 25 to Lust (Bethesda Publishing), and hopes it will dispel many of the myths surrounding jailhouse intimacy.
Travelstead is also the founder of Apples and Oranges, a sex-education variety show geared toward middle-school students. It was while developing this show that he first donned a nude body stocking and morphed into his emcee character, Nude Billy. Now a sensation, Nude Billy will next be seen in The Touch Factory, a soon-to-be-released virtual reality game for special-needs adults.
Travelstead received an unpaid internship with ABS upon completing his parole, in 2001, and is now the head of the association's Field Studies Initiative.

He lives with his wife and their two hounds, Kirk and Randy, on a ranch outside Elkton, Virginia.

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