The “Our Bodies, Our Junk” Radio Show & Other Matters.

Recently, several of the ABS research team were granted the esteemed honor of hostin the Raw Dog Comedy Hour on Sirius XM. It was an instructive evening, to say the least. We were engaged by several desperate callers, including a member of the popular band, SugarCult. (Or was it Superchunk? It’s so hard to keep those rock outfits straight!) HuffingtonPost was there to follow the excitement, and have since released this video as evidence of their journalistic probing.

Also, The New York Observer kindly observed (as they are wont to do!) and reported on our reading event at Greenlight Books in Brooklyn, NY. You can read the NY Observer article online, and see a rare photograph of the entire ABS crew in one place.

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Praise, and Not of the Faint Sort.

We’ve updated our Press & Events page to include some new events dates, as well as some recent and very kind reviews we’ve received from TimeOut NY, BookGasm, and the new comedy blog,, who said:

When the lazy impulse to skim seizes you, all it takes is an absent-minded glance at a single phrase to make you not only slow down but also to go back. You want to underline these quips, read them aloud to friends, possess them.

A refreshing and articulate change from the review by “Anonymous” who posted: “First! And also, this iz gay.”

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Our Book is Officially Available to Touch

Today marks the publication of years of research, in the form of the new book, SEX: Our Bodies, Our Junk. There are many ways to purchase it; we needn’t remind you how.

Today has also been a very crazy day of press attention for the book. There are interviews with our authors available to read at and Vanity Fair. In addition, there are even more interviews, reviews, and excerpts in this week’s METRO, as well as the comedy blogs, The Apiary and Rooftop Comedy. Thanks, everyone. Today is a good day.

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Flavorpill shares some kind words about OBOJ

NY Flavorpill is a cyberspace web station designed to alert urban residents about upcoming cultural events in their city. In a recent dispatch, they were good enough to promote our upcoming reading on August 24th at McNally Jackson Books in NYC.

They also shared some flattering words about our book in the process. Behold: Continue reading

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ABS Research Study E-620: Drowned Clowns

The shock of happening upon a drowned clown has been known to instantly cure frigidity.

[Image courtesy of]

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